“Blood and Oil” Season 2

"Blood and Oil" Season 2


"Blood and Oil" (Season 2, release date – September 25, 2015) is a criminal, serial film of the end of 2015. There are a lot of very famous and experienced Actors in the leading roles of the TV series. Jonas Pate will again become a director.

The important theme of oil production and falling prices for these raw materials could not fail to interest the audience. Now everyone is waiting when it will be made the continuation of the popular series and when we will be able to watch online the new season of such Interesting Story.


The list of Actors includes such famous names as:

  • Don Johnson,
  • Chace Crawford,
  • Rebecca Rittenhouse,
  • Scott Michael Foster,
  • Amber Valletta,
  • India de Befort,
  • Delroy Lindo,
  • Michael Valiant,
  • Adan Canto,
  • Miranda Ray Mayo


Billy Lefebvre and his equally single-minded, charming spouse, adventurous and creative Cody, decided to organize a network of laundries in the fast-growing village of Williston, near which a large oil reserve was found. They took 32 thousands of dollars on credit. They spent this money on washing machines to start their business.  So they started their way to the little city. In North Dakota, they managed to get to their small truck, but to the place they have already traveled on a ride. The road accident occurred, and washing machines turned into scrap metal.

Young people, not having to start a business, were left without money and without savings. Now they have to live in a tent city and look for a job. Got a job at a local pharmacy, Bill’s wife becomes a witness of talk about the sale of the land, and tells about it to her husband. Realizing what was going on, Billy turns the small fraud with credit and after procuring 75 thousand dollars trying to buy out land before the oil tycoon Briggs.

Through wit Lefebvre family becomes a partner of big oil tycoon and it gives them a possibility to earn more than a million dollars. But as it turns out, the events are only beginning to gain momentum. There is still much to do, for the development of new deposits, the law provides a total of 60 days, then the mining rights may go to the another person.


The process of creating the show "Blood and Oil", starting from script development to implement it on the set, took about ten years.

One of the first TV show`s name options was "Oil" – so was the working title of another soap opera, the protagonists and his family of which were also influential oilmen – "Dynasty".

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Blood and Oil 1×10 Sneak Peek #2 "Departures" (HD) Series Finale

Blood and Oil 1×02 Promo "The Ripple Effect" (HD)

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