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Blindspot. Season 3 Release Date


Blindspot is an American drama, which shows the crimes of different kinds. It is focused on the mysterious woman with lots of tattoos. She lost her memory and now it is rather high to identify her personality. Later the FBI discovered, that her tattoos are the keys to the crime and they try to solve it.


The cast of such serial is rather big. Here you can see the play of the following actors. All of them are very famous and talented:

  • Sullivan Stapleton.
  • Rob Brown.
  • Jaimie Alexander.
  • Ashley Johnson.
  • Audrey Esparza.
  • Ukweli Roach.
  • Marianne Jean-Baptiste.
  • Michelle Hurd.
  • Luke Mitchell.
  • Archie Panjabi.

The third season of the serial was created by Martin Gero. The composer is Blake Neely. Also, we must mention about the producers. They are Harvey Waldman and Howard Griffith.


Sullivan Stapleton is a Supervisory Special Agent. He works in FBI in Critical Incident Response Group. With help of his investigation group, they find the body of the mysterious girl. It was full of tattoos, which lead to the deal understanding.

When the time was gone he recognized, that here is Jane. She was his friend in childhood, so it was rather hard for him to appreciate it. All the season he wasted his time to find the killer. A lot of candidates were on his list, but then he eliminated almost everyone.


The third season was filmed in the USA. The running time of one episode lasts 42 minutes. So it will be very comfortable for you to watch it.

If you are interested in criminal drama, you must watch this serial and it will be really good for you. The Blindspot season 3 release date is the fourth of October this year, so now the serial is available on broadcast.

Pay attention, that this serial must be watched by adult people. Children aren’t allowed to enjoy it. To understand the main idea, start to see the serial from the first season.

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