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In addition, it is worth recalling the earlier statements from NBC that planned to shoot at least five seasons of the series. The good material for this abound, because the same black list is pretty impressive size. If we remember that each episode involves only one name on the list, the new series can be many.

Blacklist season 4 release date was announced by NBC for September 22, 2016. For now there is no news about Blacklist season 4 release date on Bluray and DVD.


The Main roles in Blacklist season 4 played by James Spader, Megan Boone and Diego Klattenhoff.


The protagonist of Blacklist season 4 episode 1 is a very mysterious and very strange person. It is simply impossible to read every one of his new action reMains a mystery until the last moment. The hero constantly surprises the audience, as well, and the FBI. In the new season Reddington will continue to return to their own security guarantees to reveal new names from its list of villains. The list he himself was twenty years.

This Story is about the elusive criminal who wanted all the special services and detective agencies of the world. His name is Raymond Reddington, in the ranks of the FBI and the criminal world it is called Red. Antihero has a tremendous list of atrocities, all of the crimes associated with espionage.

When the Red and was himself one of the best US agents, according to this, he knows all the tricks and tricks of spies, the FBI and the principles of operation. He is ahead by five steps forward, all attempts to catch his former colleagues. Raymond stepping down from office, he has lost all moral principles, he is selling valuable information to anyone, and at any time, the only purpose of this enrichment.

One day he decides to crank, the largest spy scam in hiStory, he goes and gives up justice. While he was on the dark side of the law, had to collect data on the most influential criminal in the world, with the receipt of this list, the FBI and authorities are ready to make any concessions.

Red puts a condition to take it back to the service, and be sure to assign it to a partner, freshman agent Liz Keane. The authorities accept the ultimatum. And here begins the intricate game of the protagonist, whether he really decided to atone for the sins or devised something grandiose dangerous.

Interesting Facts

  • In early February of 2015 the creators of the series and the management of the channel NBC made a decision to extend the series Blacklist for the fourth season;
  • The director of the spy series will be Joe Carnahan and Blacklist season 4 premiere will be still created by Warner Bros. Davis Entertainment, as it has been since 2013.

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