Billions Season 2

Making for the new drama aired on Showtime, the series referred to as “Billions” is aiming to return to its loyal following in the shape of another season. So we should arm ourselves with patience and continue monitoring the situation with the project in order to catch the premiere date.

Basic info about the newcomer

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Being a feather in the cap of Brian Koppelman, David Levien who has been also collaborating with Andrew Ross Sorkin and Neil Burger, the drama “Billions” by the production of such American studios as Best Available! and TBTF Productions Inc. is considered to be a fresh multipart movie project broadcast on Showtime.
The acting team includes such brilliant performers as Damian Lewis, Paul Giamatti, and some others.
The premiere of the series was set in the middle of this past January following the pre-release of the pioneer episode in the first day of this year. Now, the fan base obtained by the newcomer feels anticipation about the following chapter.

Penetrating into the narrative

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Let’s start with mentioning the principal parts of this story. So they are Bobby “Axe” Axelrod and Chuck Rhoades. They are at loggerheads. The very idea of the story lies in the reason of this conflict. Bobby is reckoned to be a hedge fund boss while Chuck serves as the tough US Attorney General for the Southern District of New York. The latter one doesn’t believe in wealthy criminals buying their way of repercussions for their crimes.

Making mention of the rating figures

Defining the concrete numbers received from the release of the pioneer season, we should take into account information available on various websites. In this vein, the serial has been evaluated by this time in 68 points from 100 on Metacritic. Looking at the scoring on IMDb, we turn to be shown the 8.4 number from 10 points. On Rotten Tomatoes, the rating constitutes about 75%.
As far as the amount of viewership in concerned, we are dealing with 3 million people following the release of new episodes on the edge of their seats.
As for the critical acclaim, it cannot be referred to the unanimous one. The serial is bashed for the predictable narrative. But still critics as well as common viewers are united in considering this storyline rather promising to bring it another life in the form of another chapter.
Billions Season 2 Cast

As far as the renewal issue in concerned

For today, we can be sure that we are going to follow new episodes of this serial as the second chapter release has been already officially confirmed. The announcement came after the launch of the second episode as the developers became sure in the efficiency of their work on the particular project.
But as so far we are unaware of the Billions season 2 release date, we should be attentive when it goes about monitoring the situation with the project in order not to miss the debut day. So follow news on our service and you will never get misinformed.


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