Big Fish Texas Season 2

Do you love fishing? If your answer is yes, I love it very much, this serial is for you! Big Fish Texas is a new show and hasn’t obtained its regular audience yet maybe due to specific action sphere depicted in the serial. Now we are in possession of only one season and are waiting for the official announcement about the launch of the second chapter.

Short survey of the project

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Big Fish is made as a reality show about fishing business aired on National Geographic. The serial stars Andrea Guindon, Buddy Guindon, and Christopher Guindon.
The debut has been held at the start of February this year. The Big Fish Texas is fabricated by Asylum Entertainment in a tight collaboration with Fatcake Productions. The team of executive producers is composed of Steven Michaels, Ryan Lauckner, Misty Tosh, Lisa Colangelo , Jonathan Koch, and also Robert Palumbo.

Brief summary of the story

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The serial turns our concentration to the territories of the Gulf of Mexico in Texas. Fishing is considered to be there a very profitable business. The serial is depicting a great lucrative fishing project created by Buddy Guindon titled “Katie’s Seafood Empire”. Buddy Guidon is a former marine who is now dealing with commercial fishing.
The members of the Guidons are ready to go all the extreme lengths in order to keep their moving flourishing. Their enterprise is perched both on the ground and at sea.
The serial depicts how the owners are facing the challenges proposed by their business.
Katie’s Seafood Empire is in possession of nearly a quarter of the commercially caught fish in the Gulf of Mexico. Buddy’s family includes by the way  his wife Katie, his father Greg, his brother Kenny and also his four children named  Nick, Ricky, Hans, and Christopher. All of them are responsible for certain task in their family business.

What can we say about popularity issues?

The popularity of the pioneer season is considered to be not high as it has been supposedly expected. The thing is that the total number of viewers achieved its highest peak which constitutes over 0.5 million people only in the premiere day. Then this number began to decrease considerably. However, on IMDb, the rating is more than average (more than 8.5 from 10). But can we really trust it? The amount of voters is very small, it doesn’t reach even the point of 20.
Big Fish Texas Season 2 Scene

Can we expect the appearance of the next chapter?

This question comes to be really hard to answer as taking into consideration the popularity of the serial; it is not easy indeed to predict any decisions that are to be made by the creators of the project.
At a present moment, we have nothing to do but to wait until the Big Fish Texas season 2 release date appears. You should be prepared also that the series can be canceled. However, let’s hope that the creators will be brave to make another attempt and shoot the following chapter for the people who really admire fishing. Keep abreast of the situation which can be changed any day in order, not ti miss an opportunity to enjoy the new episodes of the serial.


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