Between 2 Season Release Date

Between 2 season release date

Between 2 season release date was announced by Netflix. The details are given below.

In the late May of 2015, Netflix started showing the new television series titled Between. Fans of the TV project want to know when will be Between 2 season premiere. The teen sci-fi drama attracts the attention of many people who like YA TV shows.
At the beginning of July of 2015, the management of the channel Citytv along with Netflix officially announced the extension of the fantastic drama straight to Between season 2 episode 1. The new season will continue the major plotlines.

Between 2 season release date was announced by Netflix

The Plot:

The plot of this story occurs in a small town, which was under attack by a strange and inexplicable virus. Under the influence of this deadly virus all residents over 21 years old die. Those who survived need to adrift to find the truth. They all have to live in the quarantine zone near the two, the diameter of which is only 16 km. Besides they have a lot of serious relationship issues to solve.
Between 2 season release date will probably happen in spring of 2016.
Let’s wait for the official confirmation as well as the announcement of Between 2 season release date on Bluray and DVD.
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Did you enjoy the first season? Will you watch the second one?

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