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The mode of life of ordinary people is described by the creators of TV series more and more often. It’s always interesting for viewers to watch usual characters that are close to real life and have experienced by usual humans problems and joys. The crew of American authors decided to create the project “Better Things” and to realize this task in the form of a comedy. This story has had time to win the hearts of the public worldwide for its directness and quality of humor; the audience is looking forward to continuing and announcing the new season air date. The fans are happy: “Better Things” season 2 is renewed – release date to be announced in a short time when the producers come to a conclusion. The audience is wondering whether the show will be changed and if new characters will appear in it or not.

Creators and Distributing Companies

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The first season was released on an American FX channel on September 8, 2016. It includes 10 episodes and running time of each episode is about 23 minutes. The main authors are American actors Pamela Adlon and Louis C.K. Their partners in producing are Dave Becky and M. Blair Breard. The companies responsible for the show broadcasting are 3 Arts Entertainment, Pig Newton, Inc. and Slam Book, Inc., respected American TV networks.

Cast and Plot Review

The main character of the show is Sam Fox (Pamela Adlon) playing the role of a single mother having three kids, all of them are girls. The series perfectly captures the atmosphere of a difficult family life, describes the personal life of the heroine and her relationship with the children with a sparkling humor. The woman always gets into awkward situations close to real life, but she always copes with all the difficulties and is not discouraged.
Among the other characters taking part in the series are:
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  • the eldest sister Max (Mikey Madison);
  • eccentric and exasperating Frankie, playing by Hannah Alligood;
  • the youngest girl Duke (Olivia Edwards);
  • Sam’s mother Phyllis (an English actress Celia Imrie).

The cast of next season is still unknown, but it’s perfectly obvious that Sam and her daughters are sure to return and take part in a coming season premiere.

Rating Scores and Feedbacks

The new episode 1 of the first season was watched by 0.671 million viewers. The rating on a famous site IMDB is a 7.3/10 score, which is quite much. Both critics and audience accepted the project positively.
It’s already known that the creators have come to a conclusion to renew “Better Things” for season two, but the season release date is still a mystery for the fans that are waiting for the continuation and hope that the charm and humor of the series will remain unchanged.


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