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Becoming Us Season 2 Release Date


Becoming Us is a reality TV serial, which was made in America. It will present you the Story of a family, where the transgender parent appeared. It started in the year of 2015. But now you have an opportunity to see the second season premiere – the continuation of the Story. The Becoming Us 2 Season release date is the 9th of February in the year of 2016.


Such serial will amaze you with help of not so big cast. Here you will see the people, who have brilliant actor skills. Among them, we must mention about the next:

  • Danielle Molnar.
  • Lathan Toland.
  • Brook Toland.
  • Derrick Cobey.
  • Suzy Crawford.
  • Ben Lehwald.
  • Carly Lehwald.
  • Justine M. Constantino.

The producers are Gordon Cassidy, Jennifer J. Duncan, Crystal Rachal Landon, George Moll, Noah Moskin, Ben Miner, Heather Sharpe, Bobbie Benicio, Zach Zyskowski. The editors are Lorena David and Wendy Lee Wallace.


Such TV drama will present you an unusual family situation. Here in the center of attention an ordinary teenager appeared. He lives with his father, who have a dream to become a woman. That idea wasn’t so glad for the Ben, but his father is sure, that he will be a good woman with the best manners.

You will have an opportunity to follow Ben life, in which he will have the greatest support from his natives. His father is also a good person, but if he decided to make his dream come true, he must come to the end. That is a generational Story, which will present you a loving family with the greatest support.

The situation changed, but Ben try to understand father by all the available means and he appreciate it at all.


If you like to watch the unusual stories, this one will be perfect for you. Here you will have an opportunity to meet a boy, who try to overcome all the problems, which are connected with his father. In his young age, he is really smart and polite person, who is ready to help and to do all the duties, that he has.

The reality and drama element make this serial, especially such season, really unbelievable. The running time of new episode is about 30 minutes, so you will watch it episode by episode every day.

When you need the season air date, this article will help you.

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