Beach Cops Season 3

Beach Cops Season 3 Release Date


Beach Cops is a factual TV series, which was produced in Australia. The season premiere was on October this year and now the continuation of the Story is already available for everyone. The Beach Cops 3 Season release date is the 13th of November in the year of 2016.


That serial will be unforgettable for you because here a lot of different moments will be shown. The cast of Actors is also fantastic and here you will meet those people:

  • Andrew Fincher.
  • Heather Ashley Chase.
  • Tony Scott Villarreal-Dowlearn.
  • Joe Guay.
  • Wayne Anderson.
  • Michael Roberts.
  • Laz Chavez.

The directors of the serial are Dale Dimmick and Gabriel Koura. The producers are Bryan Jerel Collins, John Langley, Morgan Langley, Matt Stannard, Jimmy Langley, Paul Stojanovich, Maria Ramiro-Jordan, Andrew Thomas, Zach Ragsdale, Hank Barr, Douglas Waterman, Steve Kiger, John La Count, David Dellaria, Malcolm Barbour, Susan Carney, Jack Walworth.


This serial will present you the Story about the most talented and experienced police officers, who works in New South Wales Police Force. They try to patrol the Sydney and Nothern Beaches because here a lot of bad and unexpected situations will take place. Men and woman, who work here, are ready to perform all their duties each day and they understand, that here a lot of dangerous situations will take place. But, from time to time here also appeared funny incidents.

The Main aim of the policeman here is to control the threatening behavior on the city streets and to watch the people, who sell and buy drugs. They are roaming the streets and very often here the teenagers appear. They do the homemade bombs at home, but they don’t think, that they can be dangerous for them. A lot of troubles will appear thanks to them, so police officers must be very attentive.


People, who work in police departments, will be very happy to watch the serial like this. The running time of the new episode is 30 minutes, so each day you will have enough time for serial watching and enjoying.

The season air date is an important thing because it will help to understand when the serial was launched.

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Beach Cops Season 3 3

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