Ballers 2 Season Release Date

Ballers 2 season release date

Ballers 2 season release date has been confirmed. When should we expect for the new season?

There is the good news for all those who wanted to know when to expect for Ballers 2 season premiere. It was disclosed that the second season will definitely happen.
Leaders of the American TV channel HBO has officially reported that they will extend to the second season their new TV show led by Dwayne Johnson. The show tells about a group of football players and their families, friends and coaches. In the center of the events is the former football star Spencer Strasmore (Dwayne Johnson). When he returned to the world of football, he wears not a T-shirt, but a formal suit. Using his extensive acquaintance, he enters into various transactions with old friends and new players like their manager.

Ballers 2 season release date has been confirmed

The series showed the good ratings for first episodes and it was extended for the second season.
Ballers 2 season release date was scheduled for summer of 2016.
Ballers 2 season release date on Bluray and DVD is rumored for the end of 2016.
Watch Ballers 1 season trailer:

Did you enjoy the first season? Will you wait for Ballers season 2 episode 1?

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