Australia`s Next Top Model Season 11

Australia`s Next Top Model Season 11 Release Date


Australia`s Next Top Model is a reality TV serial, which was produced in Australia. Here the show is based on famous Tyra Banks` America`s Next Top Model. The season premiere was on January in the year of 2015, but in this year you can enjoy the next 11th season. The Australia`s Next Top Model 11 Season release date is the 10th of October in the year of 2016.


When there is a need to talk about the Actors, we must mention the following people, as:

  • Alex Perry.
  • Charlotte Dawson.
  • Sarah Murdoch.
  • Jonathan Pease.
  • Jez Smith.
  • Jodhi Meares.
  • Erika Heynatz.

The serial is directed by Julie Hanna, Kieran Murphy, Simon Francis, Michael Venables. The producers are Sarah Murdoch, Toby Searles, Linda Geddes, Steve Myhill, Ariel White, Koby Rowe, Kate Feely, Hilary Innes.


Here in each episode, you will see Alex Perry, who is a veteran judge of this serial. She started it and now she believes, that together with her team, the show will become more Interesting and exciting. Nowadays here appeared the other famous and talented judges, such as Jennifer Hawkins and Megan Gal.

This new season of the show will present you 13 participants, who wanted to become super models and to live the life of outstanding people. As for the mentors of the season, here we must mention Cheyenne Tozzi, Jordan Stenmark, Zac Stenmark, Erika Heynatz.

So, let`s talk about the new competition. Each week girls must present the best results in order to continue the presence in the show. So, each week the struggle started to be very big and you will have a great opportunity to see it and enjoy every moment. Here the girls must pass the casting in order to get the place in the show and this step is also very Interesting to watch.

You will see, how the people try to become real stars by using their abilities and learning something new.


If you also want to become a model, this show will inspire you and you will become an outstanding person in future. Just watch episode by episode every day and you will get a lot of valuable and important information, which you can use in your own way to success. The duration of the new episode is 60 minutes.

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