Aussie Gold Hunters Season 2

The movies and series about gold hunters have always attracted viewers. Ever since “the gold rush” people have admired the stories of the heroes who have managed to take away the worth and the secrets of land that had been kept there for a long time. But such narratives are popular even today: on September, 15 on a world famous TV channel Discovery was presented a new Australian documentary series about gold hunters Aussie Gold Hunters. The show immediately gained popularity among the public for its unusual genre and original approach to the search. But with the completion of the first season the fans of the project are puzzled with a serious question: when will Aussie Gold Hunters Series 2 begin? Release Date of season two hasn’t been announced yet, but its viewers hope for soon coming a renewed program.

Authors and Creators

Aussie Gold Hunters Season 2 Cast
The director of Aussie Gold Hunters is Roger Power; the main executive producer is Andrew Ogilvie. The channel broadcasting the first season of the project is world famous Discovery TV network. The main companies responsible for the presenting of the show are Electric Pictures Pty Ltd and a famous in Australia Aussia Gold Documentary Pty Ltd.
By today it has been presented 8 episodes; each episode has a length of about one hour.

Cast and Brief Review

The audience still doesn’t know the next season air date but they are waiting for the release impatiently. The thing is that the search of gold jewelry is interesting not only to Australian audience, but also to the public worldwide. During the broadcast of the first season Australia became the place of everyone’s attention, where as gold hunters and the main actors of this unusual and popular project were presented three teams of enthusiasts:

  • Greg and Christine Clark, a family couple, who 6 years ago decided to change their measured way of life for the aim they have always wanted to reach – to hunt for treasures;
  • Leon Marsh and Vernon Strange who are best friends;
  • Henri Chassaing and Kellie Carte, pursuing the same goal as the previous cast members.

Aussie Gold Hunters Season 2 Spoiler
In the process of searching the participants are constantly faced with various difficulties: bad weather conditions, unusual accidents in the goldfields, constant pressure by the envious. But despite all the inconveniences the fans of this documentary program believe that the new episode will be presented as soon as possible.

Chances for Return

The next season premiere is being awaited with great tension. The reason for this is rather high rating of the series, its unusual plot and exciting hunters’ findings that are so alluring for many viewers. All the fans believe that the new season release date will take place this year, they are not ready to wait for a long time; so, there are all the chances for soon continuation, it remains to hear out the creators’ official announcement.


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