Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Release Date

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Release Date


Star announced that Ash vs Evil Dead season 2 release date was scheduled for September 23, 2016. Let’s wait for the official updates about Ash vs Evil Dead season 2 release date on Bluray and DVD.


In Ash vs Evil Dead season 2 premiere you will see such writers Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi, Bruce Campbell. Starring Bruce Campbell, Jill Marie Jones, Dan De Lorenzo, Lucy Lawless, Ray Santiago and Mimi Rogers.


Ash vs Evil Dead season 1 took 30 years after the collision of Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) to the Evil Dead. Ash works as a salesman in a supermarket, lives in a trailer, he spends evenings in the bar with casual friends. Casually reading a spell again in the Book of the Dead, Ash frees demon Kandariana again. One of the bridesmaids Ash is possessed by a demon. Detective Amanda Fischer (Jill Marie Jones) finds her after she killed her partner. After some time Amanda meets a mysterious Ruby (Lucy Lawless), which is sympathetic to the horrors that I saw Amanda. Ash finally realizes what has happened and try to escape from the city, but his colleagues stopped Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dan De Lorenzo). They realize that Ash – the key to all devilry that is happening around. After killing the demon possessed neighbor, Ash decides to once again take up the saw and give vent to anger.

Pablo and help Ash Kelly, who disturbed the strange call of his father and the sudden appearance of the mother (Mimi Rogers), which everyone thought lost missing or dead. Ash suspects that his mother Kelly possessed. But when they come to the house of his father, the mother looks normal. However, Ash manages to provoke and to show its true face. She kills her father, but Ash kills her. After burying the body, Kelly agrees to go with Ash and Pablo. Meanwhile, Amanda is on the trail and goes to Ash, who has been implicated in recent murders. Ash and friends are looking for the owner of an occult bookshop Lionel, but Ruby is behind them only a step. Lionel manages to grab the demon Eligosa for questioning, but due to the sudden appearance of Amanda he manages to escape. Amanda refused to believe their eyes, so Ash catches her handcuffs in the book. Ruby saves her from a dead man Lionel. They combine their efforts to catch Ash. Pablo drove the Ash to his uncle – the shaman in the hope of getting help.

Interesting Facts

  • Ash vs Evil Dead season 1 premiere was held on the Starz channel on October 31, 2015;
  • Sam Raimi wrote the script of the series with his brother Ivan Raimi and his old friend and colleague Bruce Campbell;
  • Filming of the series Ash vs. Evil Dead season 1 held in New Zealand;
  • Starz extended the series for the second season, three days before its premiere.

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