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That American serial include the features of documental series and reality show. Here you can see three lovely couples, who will marry in the nearest future. The first and the second season premiere made a good impression to the viewers, so now everybody can watch the third season.


The cast of such serial is rather big, so we decide to name only the main heroes. Here you can see such talented actors, as:

  • Ragini Gajjar and Veeral Gajjar.
  • Meghan Huggins Tavernier and Christian Miller.
  • Joshua Tavernier and Maria Miller.
  • Marcel Cocit and Guto Bittencourt.

When we talk about the producers, we must mention Sven Nilsson, Terry Lee, Elizabeth Meeker, Gena McCarthy, Brian Tanke, Robert Fernandez, and Dan Levinson. Also here we must mention Alexandra Escaladas, Ronit Polin, and Lori Kaye. Among the editors you will see Charlie Dugan, Candace Kregg, Mark Town, and Teresa Lang.


Do you know, that modern romance can be a real headache? Of course, some couples are fall in love and their main aim is to marry and to create a big family with several kids. But the others are not so simple, so they have a big amount of problems before wedding and on the stage to its preparing.

So here, in that serial, you will have an opportunity to see tree couples. They have really different – in one the girl made all important decision. But in the another – boy just decide, what they must do and where they must go. The third couple try to make everything together, but sometimes it is rather hard for them to reach an agreement.

Wedding day is really special for each couple, so everything must be made at the highest level. But it is only one day, when everybody come to congratulate the new husband and wife. I future they will have a long life, in which happy and unhappy moments can occur. So, what must they do to solve such a problem? And who will live the life without any big problem? Watch the third season and you will know everything.


Are you married? If you are also on the stage of wedding planning, that serial will be rather interesting and exciting. Even if you have a lucky family and you have some free time, watch this and you will be satisfied.

Each new episode will show you, what the real love means. The Arranged 3 Season release date is the 23rd of May this year. When we talk about season air date, such information will be available.

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Arranged Season 3 3

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