Are You The One? Season 5

Are You the One? is a reality TV series created and released in the USA. The show follows lives of 20 people sent to live on a tropical island to get a perfect match for each other. Are You The One? Season 5 release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the producers have already made the official announcement of the renewal for 2017 and the castings are being held at the moment.


When these ten men and ten women manage to find a perfect match for each other, they get an impressive sum of money in cash to share among them. Every new episode gives the participants of the project a chance to pair up with someone they consider to be their match. Then they have to pass through a challenge. If a couple completes a challenge, it has a chance for a date in person. A truth booth is used in order to check whether it’s really a match or not. Only this way the participants have a chance to confirm their match. In the end of every episode, a matching ceremony is held.

Are You The One? Season 5 date release

After four season of the project, five couples happily live together. For example, Ethan Diamond and Amber Lee from the first season of Are You The One? Got married and had a child.


  • Alicia Wright. Works as a vet, but willing to become a dentist. She’s very responsible and serious being a challenge for a number of guys.
  • Andre Siemers. A successful rapper that started his career when he was 17. Fond of outdoor activities. Has diverse background and is experienced in different spheres of life.
  • Carolina Duarte. Honest, fearless and independent. However, she hates loneliness.
  • Casandra Martinez. A spoiled Instagram girl.
  • Derrick Henry. An athlete always striving to fully accomplish all the aims set. Wants to fins a sensible girlfriend and settle down.
  • Edward Williams. Charming and successful, but single. He’s flirty, always expressing sexual confidence which makes him untrustworthy.
  • Gianna Hammer. She’s very intense, which freaks the guys out. However, she’s a deeply insecure person deep inside.

Are You The One? Season 5

  • Hannah Fugazzi. Enters relationships with confidence and loses them even faster.
  • Hayden Weaver. Wants to get married and have children, but shy to make first move in a relationship.
  • Jaylan Adlam. An ex-football player. Feels nerdy and awkward. Have troubles approaching women as if he were a teenager.
  • Joey Amoia. An alpha male loved by girls. Unable to commit.
  • Kam Williams. A flight attendant. Scared of being hurt in a relationship.
  • Kari Kowalski. Works in fashion industry putting effort into all she does. Behaves like she’s better than anyone else in the world and it turn men off.
  • Kathryn Palmer. Has no ability to put the brakes on any man. Believes in everything guys tell her.
  • Michael Halpern. Intelligent and charismatic. Women are fond of him. But he’s not fond of them in return – he’s willing to find the only one matching his personality life targets.
  • Mike Cerasani. Quickly gets women’s attention but can’t make the right choice.
  • Osvaldo Romero. A softhearted guy cheated by women again and again.

Visit the official webpage of the series for more info on the participants of this reality.

Are You The One? Season 5

5th Season Air Date

5th season release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the producers are looking for new participants and will let you know everything about their plans as soon as the castings end.

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