Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Season 9

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Season 9 Release Date


Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown is serial, which is dedicated to the travels. It was created in America, so it will be a real cinema masterpiece. The season premiere was on April in the year of 2013 and in our days the 9th is ready for you, so don’t waste your time. The Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown 9 Season release date is the 20th of October this year.


Among the Actors for that serial it is important to name the following cast:

  • Anthony Bourdain and David Holloway.
  • Eric Ripert and Tom Vitale.
  • Iggy Pop and Hector Abad Faciolince.
  • Pierre Musala Abeka and Jawhar Aboshkiwat.
  • Abed Abusrour and Curo Albaicin.
  • Bachir Attar and George Bajalia.
  • Michal Baranes and Yaakov Barnum.
  • Hassan Belhaj and Mohamed Belhaj.
  • Kasongo Berman and Carl Blondin.
  • Zarni Bo and Horeb Bulambo.
  • Freddy Bwinika and David Choe.
  • Jane Choe and Jim Choe.
  • Roy Choi and Amiad Cohen.
  • Michael Cousins and Jonathan Dawson.
  • Side Effect and Club Emile.
  • Mona Ennab and Morgan Fallon.
  • Dan Flores and Marion Galeano.
  • Christopher Gibbs and Marisa Guiulfo.
  • Will Holland and Francois Jobin.
  • Patrick Lagace and Daniel McCabe.
  • Pablo Mora and Othman Noussairi.

The serial is directed by Tom Vitale, Sally Freeman, Ben Selkow, Nick Brigden, Ryan Miller. Among the producers, we must mention Aude Temel, Lydia Tenaglia, Sandra Zweig, Tom Vitale, Diane Schutz.


Bourdain is a man, who plays the Main role here. Here is a traveler and he visited the most remote parts of the world. He likes not only to travel but also learn the new cultures and eat the national cuisines. In the current season, you will see all his adventures for the last years. Now he wanted to present viewers his life, which is full of exciting moments.


People, who like to travel, will estimate this serial from the beginning till the end. So, if you have a free time, you must watch this immediately. The running time of new episode is 60 minutes.

When the season air date is your Main aim, you can name it, according to the data of this article.

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