Another Period Season 3

What more can be expected from the binging clan of the Ballacourts? Another season that is ready to appear next year will show this. So far, all of us are set to enjoy the second installment having premiered in the recent past. Stay tuned for more updates regarding this situational comedy.

Sitcom Summary

Another Period is the TV idea that has appeared in the minds of Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome. These are the personalities behind the production. Jeremy Konner has been serving as a director, meanwhile.
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The series is new with only two seasons now being available for watching on online resources. The situational comedy by the genre, Another Period has become a rather successful part of the Comedy Central programming list.

As for the Pivotal Storyline

As a kind of a parody of the reality show entitled Keeping Up With The Kardashians, this sitcom chronicles the aristocratic life of the Ballacourts family. All they are interested in is narrowed to sex, drugs, and debauchery. They are striving for fame while holding beauty pageants, sabotage suffrage rallies, and many other parties in order to have fun in a way that is inappropriate for ordinary people. Meanwhile, their poor servants have to make their best in order to satisfy all their crazy needs. All events are going at the past times at the turn of the 20th century.

Rating Figures

The high level of satire emanated in the program is about to make the series the number one sitcom on Comedy Central. The sharpness of the witty humor makes the audience penetrate into the plot fully.
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While tackling the interest of viewers, Another Period keeps garnering decent rating figures though a slight decline has taken place during the release of the second season. The number of viewership has drawn to 0.4 million viewers.

Latest Events of the Comedy

The second season is the latest one as of today. Having premiered in June 2016, it bowed out in the previous month. What was going on in that installment? Let’s define some central and important moments.
Well, the absurdity of events cannot but provide a deeply satisfying viewing experience. Among these events, the duel in which Chair and Dodo face each other, Lilian death and resurrection by means of the smell of cash. Meanwhile, Beatrice hatchets up the bar.
It seems that the developers are making their best while creating new episodes. Let’s hope that the third season will be the same kind in terms of quality as the second one.
Another Period Season 3 Cast

Recent Updates

The agenda is whether the third chapter will be launched ever. Well, her there is nothing to worry about indeed. The series has been already commissioned for the third chapter officially. The historical comedy will have its continuation next year. There is no hoping for the Another Period season 3 release date to emerge this year. Its appearance is more likely scheduled for the next year spring. However, it is better to stay tuned for other specifics including plot details and cast changes.


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