Angie Tribeca 1 Season Release Date

Angie Tribeca 1 season release date was already scheduled. The details are given below.

Steve Carell, Martha Coolidge, Richie Keane, John Paull, Matthew Dream are the creators and actors of the upcoming comedy show. Very soon you will be able to watch Angie Tribeca 1 season premiere. Rashida Jones got the major role in the new series. What to expect from Angie Tribeca season 1 episode 1?
The Plot:
This comedy series, with satirical side lighting valiant work of law enforcement, will speak about the harsh and not very detective working every day with a decade of experience Angie Tribeca serving in an elite unit of the Los Angeles Police involved a "particularly serious crime". Working as a team with an eccentric partner Jay Hales led a strict and fair Lt.

Angie Tribeca 1 season release date was already scheduled

Chet Atkins will reveal a lot of mysterious crimes, one of which is the capture of a mysterious blackmailer, terrorizing innocent victims. Getting into the most incredible and absurd situations, our heroes, sparing no time and energy to exercise maximum creativity and their analytical skills, often bordering on complete madness and absolute lack of common sense to troublemakers brought to justice, because the police service of the LAPD  needs to be ready for anything.

Angie Tribeca 1 season release date was announced on January 17, 2016. It will be aired on TBS channel.
There is no official information about Angie Tribeca 1 season release date on Bluray and DVD.
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