American Lion Season 1 Release Date

American Lion Season 1 Release Date


HBO has greenlighted American Lion, a six-hour event miniseries about Andrew Jackson, with Oscar champ Sean Penn set to play the seventh President of the United States in his first real TV part. The undertaking hails from Facebook’s Head of Market Development Matt Jacobson, Narcos co-makers’ Doug Miro and Carlo Bernard and Lionsgate Television.

American Lion season 1 release date was scheduled by HBO for summer of 2017. There is no news about American Lion season 1 release date on Bluray and DVD.


In American Lion season 1 episode 1 you can see such actor as Sean Penn. There is no news about other Actors that will pariicpate in the upcoming show.


Amid the 1828 Presidential race, Andrew Jackson’s adversaries assaulted his significant other who had been hitched some time recently, calling her a “prostitute”. She kicked the bucket of a clear heart assault not long after Jackson was chosen. Jacobson did examine and understood that there were no ventures being developed about "this extraordinarily imperative President who remarkably affected hiStory that most individuals neither thought about nor understood.  He completed things".

In American Lion season 1 you will see Jackson was the Main U.S. president to pay off the national obligation. He battled defilement and ventured into ensure the union by denying states’ entitlement to withdraw. In any case, his residency was likewise set apart by contentions, including the Bank War and the Indian Removal Act.

Interesting Facts

The smaller than usual depends on the Pulitzer Prize-winning life Story, American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House, composed by hiStory specialist Jon Meacham, with Robert V. Remini’s life Story of Jackson as extra source material;

  • Orphaned in real life because of the British, Andrew Jackson was an independent man, a western pariah, a fierce warrior and an adored general who turned into the nation’s first Individuals’ President. With the destiny of the United States questionable, the tenacious and inconsistent Jackson battled an obstinate Congress and exceptional interests to protect the Union no matter what – leaving a blended and profoundly dubious legacy;
  • Miro and Bernard are composing the script and will official create the scaled down with Penn (Milk, Mystic River) and Jacobson. Meacham serves as an expert on the miniseries, set to begin generation one year from now;
  • Jacobson optioned Meacham’s book and began meeting with writers. Miro and Bernard, who were yet to make their famous Netflix dramatization Narcos, emerged immediately. "They have originated from a youthful and modern point of perspective," – Jacobson said. "This doesn’t feel like men in dull rooms — Andrew Jackson was a dynamic president at a critical time for the nation";
  • Jacobson had as of now joined forces with Lionsgate TV on the miniseries, profiting by his current association with the Lionsgate initiative through his occupation at Facebook. The venture was later taken to HBO, with Jacobson lauding the system and the studio for being "incredibly strong in the advancement procedure".

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