American Dad Season 13 Release Date

American Dad Season 13 Release Date


TBS channel prolonged the long running animated TV series American Dad for another season. The fans should wait for American Dad season 13 release date on TBS channel no earlier than in fall of 2017. Currently, there is no news about the upcoming release date of American Dad season 13 on DVD and Bluray.


As for the voice cast, it reMains the same with many guests invited. In American Dad season 13 episode 1 you will hear the voices of such Actors – Seth MacFarlane as Stan Smith, Wendy Schaal as Francine Smith, Dee Bradley Baker as  Klaus, Scott Grimes as  Steve Smith, and Rachael MacFarlane.


In this incredible animated film has a lot of humor, it is peculiar to regular American families. In the center of American Dad season 13 premiere is still the ordinary family of The Smiths, which has a very unusual characters. Let’s start with the head of the family – it’s Stan Smith. He was a CIA agent, which is at its threatening appearance is very short mind. His wife Francine – a housewife, which is a little silly, but very beautiful. Son Steven has a lot of problems, like any other teenager his age. A daughter of Hilly – this is a real defender of nature (smoking soft drugs) and a hippy. And, apparently, there is in the family at least one adequate person? Yes, this fish is Klaus – a former German athlete has a brain-skier and able to support highly intellectual conversation. In this family also live alien Roger, who constantly changes his personality every episode.

Interesting Facts

  • Despite the fact that now there is only the 11th season of American Dad, the fans of the animated series have nothing to worry about, because the creators of the series have already announced that they will extend the TV series for another two seasons. The twelfth season of the show will be broadcasted in 2016;

Seth McFarlane reMains the creator of American Dad also being a man behind another popular animated TV series – Family Guy;

  • From 2005 to 2014, American Dad series were aired on FOX channel, but after the tenth season the project moved to TBS channel. Also, the show is also broadcasted on Adult Swim;

Brent Woods and Mike Barker reMain the director and the writer of the show.

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American Dad Best Moments Season 11 – 12

American Dad Season 9 Trailer #2

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