The Amazing Race. Season 29

The Amazing Race. Season 29 Release Date


The 29th season of the serial The Amazing Race is a reality TV game show, where the different teams have the competitions with each other. It is very excited so people of all ages will see and appreciate it.


We cannot name you the list of actors because such serial has a format of the show. Here every time different people take part. But the only one thing, which you must remember all the time, is that here a lot of famous people appear. They want to come to this show to show their skills and just to have fun. Nowadays the show is very popular, despite it appeared many years ago.


The people, who take part in that competition, must eliminate all the complications on the way. That is some kind of races, where everything is possible. Always they travel to different countries, where they try themselves as the drivers of airplanes, trucks, bicycles and trains. The other team must eliminate the obstacles by foot.

The main idea of that show is to present the best results by winning all the small competitions. And every time the winners take the main price.

The creators of such show are Bertram van Munster and Elise Doganieri. They work on this until it appeared. The first season was made in the year of 2001.


That TV show wins the Emmy because it was named as the best show in New Zealand. It is very easy to watch because there is nothing, which cannot be understandable.

If you want to see that show, you can start from any season you like. But you must take into account, that the 29th season is the most interesting and full of amazing events. The rules of it are shown every time.

The Amazing Race season 29 release date is the 15th of May in the year of 2016. We hope, that the 29th season wouldn’t be the last, so you will enjoy it in future.

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