The Amazing Race Season 29

It seems now that practically every person on our planet has at least heard something about the show “The Amazing Race”. The show has been on since 2001, and a complete success as well. It still continues, and we are quite glad it does. And we surely hope that the developers have no desire to close this project.

Some info about the project

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The Amazing Race is a reality show broadcast since 2001, one of the longest projects in the American television history. By genre, it is a game show full of action and adventures. The series is currently in its 28th season. It has begun in the middle of February this year.
The team of the leading developers includes Elise Doganieri, Evan Weinstein, and Bertram van Munster. The star cast includes Cord McCoy, Phil Keoghan, and Jet McCoy.
The serial has won an Emmy Award for the best reality show. By the way, the primary host of the serial is Phil Keoghan, with CBS being the home channel.

The essence of the game show

The Amazing Race Season 29 Promo The Amazing Race Season 29.
This game show takes place in the entire world. The direct participants of the show split into 11 two-person teams. They have to make it to certain destinations all around the world and face mental and physical ordeals, passing them successfully. The teams who end up at the bottom of the list suffer severe consequences. They are either kicked out or put at a disadvantage for the next stage. And so, they are traveling the world and are put in stressful situations for five days.
The prize is $1,000,000. So worth it. The participants of the show use airplanes, trains, cars, air balloons, and travel in other unusual ways.

Current season and renewal prospects

The Amazing Race Season 29 Cast
No one doubts the popularity of the show. The number of its seasons speaks for itself. After all, the ratings of any project are the main reason for the developers to continue said project.
And this reality show is rather popular worldwide and even has adaptations of the same format in other countries. An entirely different thing is the required maintenance at this advanced level when the show risks becoming boring and uninteresting. That’s why the show requires some additional improvements and positive changes.
Critics found the latest 28th season quite distinct. The catch is that every team is composed of celebrities this time. This modification in the format was caused by the decrease of the show ratings in the recent few years. The viewers seem to have gotten bored with the monotonous competition where some guys they don’t know are participating. The race for season 28 started in November of the previous year. The show has an online play-by-play stream.
The Amazing  Race season 29 release date is unknown, but we are fortunately aware of the creators’ plans for the show. The project is officially resumed. So stay tuned to receive all the relevant information about your favorite reality show.

Update: The Amazing Race Season 29 Scheduled

And here it goes. Finally, we know the release date for sure. After all, it is not the kind of thing that producers can keep in secret for long.
That was the good news. The bad news is the season will not arrive anytime soon. Though that only depends on how you define the word "soon." If a four-month period is relatively short from your point of view, then everything’s perfect. Expect the new season to come out on April 27, 2017. If it’s not soon enough for you… The only thing you can do is wait for the new episode to arrive.
Perhaps, the schedule will be readjusted. If that happens, we will inform our subscribers immediately. So it would be a good idea for you to become one of them.


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