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Alone Season 3 Release Date


On History Channel Alone Season 3 started to launch.

Alone is a reality TV season premiere, which was filmed in British Columbia, Vancouver Island, and Canada. Here in the center of attention, you will see 10 people, who want to survive in the wild nature and to change the life greatly. The participants of that show are isolated from the other people, so the person, who will do his best will take the price.


Every time the people, who take part in such competition, are different. But we will present the cast of the third season, which include the people from the age of 22 till the age of 46:

  • Alan Kay (40).
  • Sam Larson (22).
  • Mitch Mitchell (34).
  • Lucas Miller (32).
  • Dustin Feher (37).
  • Brant McGee (44).
  • Wayne Russell (46).
  • Chris Weatherman (41).
  • Joe Robinet (31).
  • Josh Chavez (31).

When we are talking about the executive producers, we must mention about Zachary Behr, Russ McCarroll, Shawn Witt, Gretchen Palek, David George and Brent Montgomery.


Here in the center of attention, you will see 10 contestants, who want to get the main price and are ready for the most complex activities and deals. It is a survival gear on the island, that wouldn’t be so easy for one or another person.

Each day they have no food and water – everything depends on them because the island was previously checked on the presence of such ingredients. The only thing, which each contestant of the show has is standard equipment, clothes, supplies for the first emergency. Also, they are given a couple of cameras, with help of which they demonstrate all the peculiarities, which has the life on the island.

It is rather interesting to follow the show all the time, because of all the people, who are not so strong, decide to go home. Only the stronger person, who will pass different situation. The cash prize is rather big – 500 000 dollars.


If you don’t know, what to watch in free time or in the weekend, such serial will be the best idea you ever think about. Here you will see, how hard situations can appear in everyday life. Maybe you will have the wish to take part in such competition.

The running time of one new episode is approximately 45 minutes – that is not so long and not so quick. So each day you can watch the progress, which the team has and it will stimulate you to do one or another thing.

The Alone 3 Season release date is the 16th of July in this year. That is also season air date. This reality show with elements of adventure will cause only positive emotions.

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