Alaskan Bush People. Season 5


That is the family serial, which you can watch on Discovery Channel. Here you can see a lot of exciting events. But the general advantage of it is that you can watch it with all members of your family.


In this serial, you can see the beautiful play of talented actors. Here are a lot of people, who will amaze you. But first of all we must talk about the main characters:

  • Bill Brown.
  • Gabe Brown.
  • Matt Brown.
  • Asa Siegel.
  • Michele Cosco.

The directors of that serial are Jason Berman and Ezra Epwell. The story was written by Julia Young. Among the producers, we must underline Terrence Sakki, Stacy Bouls, and Paul Reitano. As the operators, we must name Ezra Epwell, Jason Berman, and Cico Silva.


If you like the adventures and your life is full of the brightest moments, you must pay attention to the Alaskan Bush People. In the fifth season, you will see the story of a family, which like to live in nature and enjoy it. They didn’t want to be an average people, so they decide to estimate the civilization.

In the center of attention, you can see Billy Brown and his wife Ami. They have 7 children, among them, there are 5 boys and 2 girls. They are of different ages, so it is rather interesting to see their behavior.

That family decided to live as far as they can. They communicate with other people 1 time in 6 months and that’s a great experience for them. They name themselves as the wolfs company. So, if you are interested in such show, you can watch them on Discovery Channel or on the internet.


One episode has the duration of 43 minutes. During that time, you will see the possibilities, which they have. Especially you can understand, how hard is it to have 7 children.

The Alaskan Bush People season 5 release date is the 24th of July. You can start to watch it from one or another season and you will understand, what is the main idea here.

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