Agatha Raisin Season 2

 From what people are willing to refuse in order to change their lives radically? What are the difficulties and problems faced by those who decide to fully amend the way of working? Answers to these questions are given by the creators of the British comedy series with elements of drama Agatha Raisin.

Its viewers have already watched one season of this program on Sky1 channel, and the main question that worries them, reads as follows: is Agatha Raisin season 2 release date takes place soon or not? There is still no any definite information about the chances for the coming of the renewed show, but the public hopes that the next season premiere will be aired as soon as possible when all the filmmakers come to the same conclusion about the prospects of the new episode.

Agatha Raisin Season 2 date release

Creators and Authors

The idea of the series is based on the book with the same name written by M.C. Beaton. The first season air date debuted on June 7, 2016, and since then 9 episodes of the program have been released.

The crew of executive producers developing Agatha Raisin includes the following people:

  • Michele Buck;
  • Stewart Harcourt;
  • Kathleen Hutchison;
  • Cameron Roach;
  • Barry Ryan.

It’s supposed that in case the return the series on the screen the next season release date will be presented on the same Sky1 channel. The companies officially producing the project are Free@Last TV and Mammoth Screen.

Agatha Raisin Season 2

Main Characters

The cast of this British program is selected properly and includes such vivid actors as:

  • an actress of a Scottish origin Ashley Jensen, whose character is the main heroine Agatha Raisin. The lady who is a public relations specialist by profession decides to leave the crowded city for a small and peaceful village. Afterwards she regardless of her desire is involved into strange events which she has to solve;
  • Matthew Home, an actor from England, plays the role of Roy Silver, Agatha’s best friend;
  • Katy Wix (a Welsh comedian actress). Her character is Gemma Simpson, the lady responsible for cleaning.

All the series is full of mysterious events, but it’s nit a terrifying one; Agatha Raisin has a great number of jokes, which makes the show interesting for both the lovers of criminal films and comedies.

Agatha Raisin Season 2

Chances for Renewal

The rating of 6.6/10 on a world famous website IMDB is not the highest one, but it doesn’t mean that the series lacks viewers. The number of the audience of the pilot episode was about 860,000, which is good enough. Critics’ opinions are different; some of them believe that the series is a little bit flimsy. Anyway, the new season will definitely be accepted with pleasure by the fans that are impatiently waiting for the continuation.

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