A Place to Call Home Season 5

General Summary

This autumn, season 4 of A Place to Call Home has been given a promised start. An Australian melodrama was canceled once after the second season premiere on Seven Network in 2014 but then revived. Seven Network is not only a distributor of the serial but also the production company of it.

The latest season release date is September 11, 2016. The debut was arranged on Showcase instead of the SoHo channel, where the series was airing during cycle 3.

A Place to Call Home Season 5 date release

Bevan Lee serves as a head of the behind-the-scene crew. Meanwhile, Julie McGauran, Penny Win, and John Holmes are executives there. As for the acting cast, it includes:

  • Marta Dusseldorp,
  • Craig Hall,
  • Abby Earl,
  • Noni Hazlehurst,
  • Brett Climo,
  • Aldo Mignone and many others.

A Place to Call Home Season 5

 Plot Specifics

On knowing that her mother is dying from the unhealed disease, Sarah Adams makes a logical decision to come back to her motherland in Australia, to Country New South Wales, specifically, from Europe where she has spent her latest twenty years. In her native place, she is willing to make a fresh start in her life.

It is a motivational and inspiring story that portrays the themes of love, honor, devotion, and loss. The action is set immediately after the World War II when great changes in the social life take place.

The latest season involving 12 episodes centers on the liberal changes and the Communist scare in the country in 1954.

Canceled and Revived

Healthy ratings of this drama failed prevent the series from cancellation after two seasons. In response, numerous protests made the scripted program one of the most discussed. The series was acclaimed as the best Australian TV drama. This led to nothing but renewal for season 3 and 4, to the great luck of millions of followers throughout the world.

Ratings Now Garnered

The current level of ratings is not so high with 0.15 million watchers upon average per each new episode. Nevertheless, on IMDb, the score is more than just middling equaling excellent 8.2 out of 10.  The revival potential is great. Has the future already been announced? What is the fifth season air date? When will it be revealed?

A Place to Call Home Season 5

Current Status

Considering all pros and cons, producers from Seven Network have decided recently to revive the series for the fifth season, having already inserted it into the slate for 2017. To sum it up, the universally acclaimed project aims at returning to its original home channel next year shaped in a new cycle. A Place to Call Home season 5 release date will be exposed also only in 2017. Stay tuned for any kind of news regarding the project!

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