3% Season 2

The age of the Brazilian series have long remained in the past, and viewers are accustomed to associate all of the programs of this country as soap operas, which housewives are so fond of. But the project, which has been released on Netflix channel recently, is the complete opposite of all these shows of love. This is about the series 3%, the new sci-fi thriller, where the fictional events of the near future are described. This program immediately became one of the favorite of many viewers, and after the completion of the first season many of them are puzzled about when 3% season 2 release date is going to be presented. An exact second season air date hasn’t been officially announced yet, but according to the finale information given by the creators the show will be renewed for the next season two. Whether the new episode will be as exiting as the previous parts, it will be known very soon.

Production Info

The return of 3% is being strongly awaited in 2017. The first new season premiere was launched on November 25, 2016. That part consisted of 8 episodes each running form 39 to 48 minutes.
The idea of 3% belongs to Pedro Aguilero. The series is directed and produced by the following South American filmmakers:

  • César Charlone;
  • Dani Libardi;
  • Daina Giannecchini;
  • Jotagá Crema;
  • Tiago Mello.

Production company responsible for the next season start is Boutique Filmes; the channel broadcasting 3% and presenting all the future air dates is Netflix, a worldwide TV network.

About the Series

The main idea of the series is designed to show a possible variant of the world in the future where society is divided into several contrasting parts. It is called so because that 3% is a part of the population that is eligible to become privileged, while the remaining people live in poverty and obscurity. The only place similar to a paradise is the islands where people are so eager to get to, but because of the distance of 4000 miles from the mainland, this area is almost inaccessible.

The cast of the series includes such actors as:

  • Bianca Comparato;
  • Michel Gomes;
  • João Miguel;
  • Rodolfo Valente and others.

Rating and Prospects for Renewal

The coming season has very good chances to outperform the latest season one. On IMDB the viewers evaluated the project with 8/10 score, which is a very good result for a pilot part. The second season release date hasn’t been mentioned yet, but in case the creators come to the same conclusion and present the series soon, it is sure to gain as much popularity as before. Stay tuned and be the first to find out the schedule of upcoming episodes and be aware of the changes in the cast and plot.


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