2 Broke Girls Season 7

2 Broke Girls is a sitcom created and released in the USA. The sitcom was ordered for Warner Bros. TV. The premiere episode was released in September of 2011. The action revolves in Brooklyn, NYC. The viewers follow lives of two main heroines named Max Black (played by Kat Dennings) and Caroline Channing (played by Beth Behrs).

Caroline comes from a family of a billionaire while Max spent her childhood in poverty. Looks like their fates should be completely different, but now they work in a diner trying to organize a cupcake business together. 2 Broke Girls season 7 release date is yet to be announced for 2017.

2 Broke Girls Season 7 date release


When season 1 was released, 2 Broke Girls got a vast feedback from both critics and viewers. The majority praised the series for enjoyable cast and matching characters. The chemistry between the two friends on the screen was clearly seen. However, some of the viewers didn’t like the sexualized humor and jokes based on racial stereotypes. In 2012, 2 Broke Girls received three Emmy Awards.

2 Broke Girls Season 7

Plot & Cast

The series follows life events of two close friends named Max Black (portrayed by Kat Dennings) and Caroline Channing (portrayed by Beth Behrs). They work as waitresses dreaming to organize their own business together. What makes the show intriguing is that the girls are absolutely different from social point of view. Max originates from a poor family of a constantly working mother and unknown father. Caroline originates from a wealthy family, but gets disgraced because of her dad’s illegal business operations.

The girls work together in a local diner living in one apartment and sharing their ups and downs of life. Together they’re building a path to their dream – one day they’re planning to open a cupcake shop. Among other characters there are Han Lee (portrayed by Matthew Moy) – their boss; Oleg (portrayed by Jonathan Kite) – a cook from Ukraine; Earl (portrayed by Garrett Morris), an elderly cashier. In season one Max also works as a nanny for the twins.

In every new episode of every season released, the girls experience numerous troubles on the way to their dream opening and reopening their business. They put their relationship to the test while balancing their professional lives with their personal love and friendship affaires.

2 Broke Girls Season 7

7th Season Air Date

In spring of 2016, the show was officially prolonged for season 6 that started on the 10th of October 2016. Looks like it’s a bit early to make any suppositions about the fate of the series, but we’re sure that growing ratings will give 2 Broke Girls a chance to get back to our TV screens in the upcoming 2017. Follow our updates no to miss 7th season release date.

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