11.22.63 Season 2 Release Date

This year, the fans of Stephen King’s work are lucky to watch the TV adaptation of his novel under the title “11/22/63”. Though the thriller story has gained a great success, it is currently difficult to forecast whether the continuance of the series is possible.

Short review

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The series is considered to be a wonderful interpretation of the thrilling book written by Stephen King under the same title. It can be also referred to such genre as science fiction.
The pioneer season of the serial is to contain eight parts. The debut was held this year, specifically in the middle of February. The production company is reckoned to be Warner Brothers Television and Bad Robot Productions.
The team of the executive producers includes such persona as J.J. Abrams, Stephen King, Bridget Carpenter and Bryan Burk. The leader of the writing crew is Bridget Carpenter. Hulu was chosen as a home channel for the given series.
The principal cast consists of Sarah Gadon, Daniel Webber,  James Franco, Josh Duchamel, Cherry Jones and George MacKay.

What is about a plotline?

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If you are not acquainted with King’s book, let’s show you the ropes. So the main character is named Jake Epping. He works at the school as a teacher. Once he gets a real chance to make an adventurous journey to the past making it possible in such a way the time traveling. His goal is to prevent the murder of President John F. Kennedy.
When he finally finds himself in the past, he realizes that the world is loath to changing and moreover, it is pretty hazardous to change something is the past because this can be followed by irreversible consequences.
The situation comes to be permanently spoilt by his love affairs with Lee Harvey Oswald.

When can we expect the renewal of the series?

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There exist certain doubts concerning the continuation of the story. The fact is that the launched series has depicted the whole story of the book. As Stephen King is no to continue the narrative, the series seems to have no extension as well. Moreover, is was known even before the premiere that the series would be a kind of restricted project broadcast on Hulu.
And now as for the rating, on IMDb it was nothing but a success – 9.4 from 10 points. The commentaries from the critics were, however, of a mixed type. The reason for it is their opinion about the series getting a quite obscure genre. They were unable to define in fact what it is in its true form, unfortunate love story or an action fantasy movie. James Franco, the performer of the principal character, acts as a professional in the love stories; however, the fast-past thriller action seems like a tough call for him. Whether is it true or not, everyone decides for itself. Here we are only repeating the point-of-view of the critics.
Thus, to make a long story short, it is now clear that the 11.22.63 season 2 release date remains unknown as well the possibility of the renewal being put into a serious question.

Update: 11.22.63 Season 2 Status

This serialized recounting of the tragic events of the past is yet to come to a conclusion. The second season of 11.22.63 will come out, there is very little doubt about that. The exact season premiere date is still to be revealed but one thing is certain, there will be no cancellation. And that’s great.
The season is likely to come out this year. Which means, we might just see a new episode this year. How soon, is yet to be determined. Become our subscriber to be notified when the release date is finally announced.


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