Yeh Din Ka Kissa (2017)

It is a usual thing when a Bollywood production movie is titled in English yet it is considered a rare case when a project from Hollywood gets a Hindi title. The movie under discussion is the latter case, having also a working name The Meyerowitz Stories. Yeh Din Ka Kissa release date is undefined now but we wait for it in the near future with shooting concluded in May 2016. Specifically, filming had started on popular streets in New York, East Fifth Street and Cooper Square.
The flick may be referred to both drama and comedy genres. Noah Baumbach has conducted the process on the set, as well as has developed the script. Noah is known to us as the director oа such movies as  “Mistress America,” “Frances Ha,” “The Squid and the Whale.” The production company is Gilded Halfwing.
Yeh Din Ka Kissa (2017) Release Date
As for the acting cast members, most of them are so famous that it is hard to underline the name that is the biggest one. So here we should enlist the following actors:

  • Adam Sandler,
  • Emma Thompson,
  • Rebecca Miller,
  • Ben Stiller,
  • Grace Van Patten,
  • Candice Bergen,
  • Matthew Shear,
  • Dustin Hoffman,
  • Danny Flaherty,
  • Elizabeth Marvel,
  • Justin Winley.

Some More About the Title

As you know, it is a frequent case when a Bollywood song turns to be included into the narration in a Hollywood movie when the situation needs it. On the other side, Bollywood films come to be titled in an English way. Moreover, much often, Indian actors embark on roles in American projects, as, for instance, Irrfan Khan in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Freida Pinto in You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger. This tradition comes to be a little bit broken in the case of  Yeh Din Ka Kissa, as the title on Hindi does not mean there that the story is a culture appropriation. This is just the borrowing of letters from the Hindi alphabet. It is promised to be a proper Hollywood film only titled in Hindi.

Plot Summary

At the core of the story, there is an estranged family which members come together to New York City to celebrate the artistic work of their father. No more other particulars touching the narrative are offered to us, as of today.

With an Undetermined Release Date

So far nothing has been uttered in terms of the exact release date of the movie. Herewith we do not have anything concrete to speak of but the launch timeframe that is expected to be 2017. Stay tuned for news together with us to be in the swim!


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