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Wonderstruck is a great drama film, which was created and produced in the USA. So, as the result, we can say, that you will love each moment of this cinema. The premiere of the film Wonderstruck will be in the year of 2017.



In this film, you will see the two different worlds, which can`t be break off. Here in the center of attention, you will see Ben and Rose, who live not far from each other. They live in different eras and they didn’t know about the existence of each other. The only thing, which connects them, is dissatisfactory of the world.

All the time Ben try to find his father, but Rose decided to investigate the unusual disappear off the actress from the local theater. As you can imagine, here is no touch point between this people. But you mustn’t do the quick conclusions. The heroes will know about different new things during the film will go.

Now there is the only one thing, which can lead us to the one aim. Even if this two character wouldn’t meet with each other, they will understand, that all the time they do the things, which can`t be done without the help of other people. So, what will happen next and how the events will develop in this story? How do they behave themselves in such an unusual situation? Now we can`t say one or another thing at all because the film hadn’t appeared in the broadcast.


When you want to spend your free time in a pleasant company, that film will be a great opportunity to do it. We recommend you to watch it together with your friends – each of them will adore it and after watching you can discuss all the interesting and exciting moment of it. The plot is rather unusual and extravagant, so it is hard to think, what will be the next episode of the film. So, you mustn’t forget about it because it will become available very soon.

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