White Chicks 2 Release Date

White Chicks 2 release date

White Chicks 2 release date has been confirmed by The Waynes brothers.

The first movie is an American comedy that was released in 2004. In more than ten years, White Chicks 2 premiere seems to happen. Quite unexpectedly.

The plot of the first movie:

Two twin brothers named Marcus and Kevin (The Waynes brothers) – a.k.a. the FBI agents – are constantly creating problems to their superiors at work.
To finally take off from their job, the brothers will have to complete a very difficult task. They will be on the protection of two twins who have become heirs of a very large hotel business. Attackers want to steal the sisters, and Marcus and Kevin cannot let that happen. The main characters are coming up with the brilliant plan – to dress like two sisters.

White Chicks 2 release date has been confirmed

In 2015, there were rumors in the press that Sony was preparing for shooting of the sequel.  Along with two brothers Waynes their third brother – Keenan – will take part. All three brothers are not only working as actors but also as producers.
White Chicks 2 release date will happen in Q4 of 2016.
White Chicks 2 release date on Bluray and DVD must happen at the beginning of 2017.
While waiting watch White Chicks movie trailer:

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