Villa Capri (2017)

More and more frequently known and great actors, which, unfortunately, are inevitably aging, play roles in comedy films. The same situation is with an upcoming movie Villa Capri directed by Rob Shelton, where will be featured well-known personalities, playing serious people, but in a somewhat comical manner. The picture about two retirees, former employees of offices under government, certainly will appeal to all, without exception, viewers who like good acting and interesting and twisted storyline. The premiere of Villa Capri in the US is set for August 25, 2017, and the public has much time to make prospects and predictions concerning an upcoming cinema.

Production Info

The director of Villa Capri is Rob Shelton, a person who was nominated for Oscar award. He is also the author of the script and has developed the whole story by himself.
Villa Capri (2017) Release Date
But Shelton, of course, is not the only maker of the movie; he is helped by a crew of producers responsible for much work and doing their best for the film to become popular and well-known. This crew consists of the following personalities:

  • Steve Richards;
  • John Mass;
  • Jeffrey Lampert;
  • Kellie Davis;
  • Alan Simpson;
  • Bill Gerber.

The companies producing Villa Capri are Entertainment One and Broad Green Pictures; the latter is also the distributor of the main and the one which has announced the premiere date.

Plot Peculiarities

In the center of the plot of the film there are two elderly people. One of them used to work for the FBI, and the other was a lawyer. The men have long moved away from public service and while away playing golf. But suddenly they have to forget about the rest because of an approaching danger in the form of mafia, and they will have to unite in order to remember the old skills and to reflect this impact. In the film there will be a lot of funny episodes, but, nevertheless, the picture is difficult to be called just a comedy, as there will also be much action in it.
The actors taking part in the film and forming the cast are such as:

  • Tommy Lee Jones;
  • Morgan Freeman;
  • Sheryl Lee Ralph;
  • Rene Russo;
  • Joe Pantoliano;
  • Alma Sisneros;
  • Gleene Headly and others.

Soon Debut and Prospects

The rating of expectations is rather high, and the movie is being awaited with interest and enthusiasm. Villa Capri is scheduled for August 25, 2017, and it is still too early to make any predictions regarding its popularity. Stay tuned to check the creators’ premises and get all the data about an upcoming cinema and possible changes in its terms of presenting.


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