Victoria and Abdul

It’s always interesting to watch how the authors of a certain film, using as a basis the story of a famous personality, implement their idea. You can know a lot about this or that character, but the director’s decision can radically change the perception of a certain person. An upcoming movies Victoria and Abdul will be just so. The film’s plot is about the famous and the great British Queen Victoria, presented in a way that very few people knew and saw. An unusual story will be presented to the audience quite soon: the premiere is scheduled for September 22, 2017. This biographical drama may be one of the best adaptations of the life of the famous queen, and in the near future all the viewers will be able to see this.

Production Info

The creator of the picture Victoria and Abdul is Stephen Fears, a director from England. To make his film he borrowed the idea of the book written by Shrabani Basu, telling almost the same version of the queen’s life. The colleague of Fears is Lee Hall, an English writer developing the script of an upcoming cinema.

In order the film to get popularity in mass media, the group of producers is working. Their crew consists of such people as:

  • Tracey Seaward;
  • Tim Bevan;
  • Eric Fellner;
  • Louis Phillips;
  • Beeban Kidron.

Victoria and Abdul date release

One of the companies producing the movies and the one which is worth mentioning is BBC Films; the distributor of Victoria and Abdul is Focus Features, the studio which was the first to announce the project’s air date.

About the Movie

The great Queen Victoria is known not only in Britain but throughout the world. Many people did not just love her; they adored her and were willing to give their lives for this woman. But in the film, which will be released this autumn, will not be show her dominion, but rather a non-standard for such a great woman story, when Victoria became friends with a most common Indian Abdul Karim, working as an office employee, and there was a correspondence between them. This inspirational film about what simple famous people can be for sure will please thefans of biographical dramas, as well as all those who know and love the person of Queen Victoria.
Victoria and Abdul

Some vivid actors, performing the cast of the movie, are undoubtedly should be mentioned:

  • Judi Dench, whose character is the great Queen Victoria;
  • Ali Fazal, presenting Abdul Karim;
  • Eddie Izzard, acting as Bertie;
  • Julian Wadham, whose character is Alick Yorke;
  • Adeel Akhtar, presenting Mohammed.

Victoria and Abdul

Known Air Date and Possible Rating

A the audience already knows an official release date of the cinema – September 22, 2017 – all the viewers look forward to watching it and believe that the story will be as catching as it’s promised. Victoria and Abdul will certainly get many positive feedbacks, so stay tuned and find out all the interesting details of the film before its premiere.

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