Untitled Woody Allen Project (2017)

Just saying “Untitled Woody Allen Project” seems to make many things clear. With his latest work on “Cafe Society” finished, Woody Allen concentrates his attention on a new story, which details are under wraps as usual; since authoring his flicks Woody is loath to making many and even some specifics as for the narrative crystal. Well, obscurity is his second name and, surely, Untitled Woody Allen Project release date is also to be defined but this is just a matter of time.
To get into production particulars, let’s start with the producing team. Woody is cooperating with Letty Aronson, Edward Walson, and Stephen Tenenbaum as well on a regular basis with a smooth-running partnership.  Amazon Studios is behind the development and the distribution.
The project is aiming at becoming a drama on a big screen, covering a period set in the amusement park at Coney Island, Brooklyn New York City in the late ’50s.
Untitled Woody Allen Project (2017) Release Date

Kate Winslet is Leading the Cast

The negotiations with Kate Winslet on participating in Woody’s project were successfully finished in 2016, as the actress agreed on performing of one of the lead roles.
Winslet’s collection of works is amazing including movies dated back to two decades ago. On a side note, she was the first performer who came on board. However, she has never collaborated with Woody Allen. So that will be her first entry into the world of the auteur.
Among her latest works, certain attention should be given to “Steve Jobs” and “Triple Nine,” with the latter being a criminal drama. New Line’s “Collateral Beauty” and the Fox drama “The Mountain Between Us” where she works with Idris Elba are also included in her recent achievements.
The cast is compiled of other big names, such as:

  • Juno Temple,
  • Jim Belushi,
  • Justin Timberlake,
  • Tony Sirico,
  • Jack Gore,
  • Steve Schirripa,
  • Max Casella.

It Is Time to Expose the Release Date!

With principal photography being over in autumn 2016 and post-production being already under way, we may hope for the announcements to appear very soon in front of us. Stay tuned with us to become informed of the release date, as well as of the concrete narrative particulars which are even made as a key pillar for us.


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