Untitled Detroit Project (2017)

Directed by Kathryn Bigelow, Untitled Detroit Project is an expected movie referred to the genre of criminal dramas based on the event in the American history, 1967 Detroit riot specifically.Mark Boal comes there as a screenplay author. The filming is now over and we may expect the revealing of Untitled Detroit Project release date in the near future.
On a side note, the upcoming movie is Kathryn Bigelow’s first project since 2012’s Zero Dark Thirty. The performance cast chosen by her is compiled of:

  • John Boyega,
  • Will Poulter,
  • Ben O’Toole,
  • Anthony Mackie,
  • Jack Reynor,
  • Kaitlyn Dever,
  • Jacob Latimore,
  • Hannah Murray,
  • Algee Smith.

Untitled Detroit Project Cast

Narrative Summary

As we have mentioned, the story is firmly predicated on the real events, Detroit’s devastating riots. If you are aware of the details of the American history, you should know that they were arranged for five days during summer 1967.
On knowing also the reasons of the riots, it is rather easy to define the theme and the ideas of the story. Well, it revolves around systemic racism in urban Detroit, for more than a year. The ideas of equal rights are still poignant and should be delivered to people over and over.  Fortunately, filmmakers keep this in mind when searching for ideas for presentations in their films.
By the way, in 2017 this will be the 50th anniversary of the riots and, concluding from the fact, it is much probably the postponement of the debut will not take place.

Release in 2017

In July 2016, the principal shooting was given a start, in Boston, in particular. Among the places chosen for photography, there are also such ones as Dedham District Court,  Dorchester, Massachusetts, and Brockton, Massachusetts.
As of today, the post-production is underway. Herewith, we should wait for the close revealing of the precise release date. The question of the worthiness of the project keeps also appearing at regular intervals in our minds. What do you think about this? What are your expectations towards the future movie? Stay tuned for news together with us and share also your thoughts regarding all that is connected to this project!


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