Tubelight (2017)

As another expected hit from Bollywood, Tubelight turns to become a joint venture of Kabir and Salman Khan. The first one serves as a director and a producer, while the latter person is behind the production issues and one of the lead performers. As for the future debut, we should acknowledge you that Tubelight release date has been already defined by producers.
Defining the genre is not a difficult task here, as it is promised to be a historical war drama movie. Principal photography began in summer 2016 in Ladakh.
Tubelight (2017) Poster
There are so many rumors circling on the internet that the upcoming Bollywood movie is a copy of Hollywood film ‘Little Boy’ with just a little difference. The film from Hollywood encompasses the storylines of lives of a father and son while the Bollywood motion picture is set to showcase the bond between two brothers played by Salman and Sohail.
The remaining members of the acting cast are the following:

  • Sohail Khan,
  • Zhu Zhu,
  • Yashpal Sharma,
  • Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub,
  • Shatrughan Sinha,
  • Tushar Tyagi,
  • Om PuriParas Arora,
  • Sahil Mehta,
  • Shah Rukh Khan,
  • Navdeep Tomar Gujjar.

Narrative Description

Tubelight (2017) Cast
Logically, we should not expect a great layer of info regarding the plot appear clarified, for the purpose of keeping audiences’ interest alive.What is known is that it is based on the real events during the 1962 Sino-Indian War. The central characters are those representatives of the conflicting sides. Salman Khan takes part of the man from India who loses his heart for a lady from China played by the famous Chinese actress Zhu Zhu. This man has a brother who is also one of the main personages in the upcoming story.

Worldwide Premiere

When will we be able to follow the new war drama from Bollywood? Are you a fan of Indian films? Do you wait for this one? If your answers are yes, this info will be of much use for you, certainly! Share also your expectation as for this upcoming film with us!
Fortunately, we have info available as for the precise release date. We can just say you right away that it is defined as June 25, 2017. Since about half a year is left, much more updates may happen. Keep on following news together with us!


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