Top Secret Untitled Lonely Island Movie

A new comedy from the famous trio “Lonely Island” is coming out in the beginning of this summer. As it is predicted, the movie can eclipse the success of such premieres as “Me Before You” and “TMNT: Out of the Shadows”.

What about the starring cast and developers of the untitled film?

Top Secret Untitled Lonely Island Movie Promo
The cast will be presented by the American comedy team called “The Lonely Island” that has gained its popularity producing super humorous musical parodies. So it’s not difficult to define that the comedy referred to as Top Secret Untitled Lonely Island Movie is going to focus on the musical theme. This team includes such comedians as Aktiva Schaffer, Jorms Taccone, and Andrew Samberg. They are friends from their youth in Berkley. In 2000 they decide to make the career of comedians pushing themselves forward into the world of mockery shows. In 2005 the group began to collaborate with Saturday Night Live, a comedian program aired on the American NBC channel, creating their own SNL “Digital Shorts”. In the USA now it is considered to be a brand watched by the majority of people living there.
Very often in their clips one can be gladdened by the appearance of the wide-known stars, such as Akon, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, and many others. In 2007 they showed a full-length motion picture under the title “Hot Rod” to the whole world. Their first album appeared in the end of the winter 2009 under the title “Incredibad”. It was available even on iTunes.
The untitled comedy is to be filmed with the co-direction and co-production of Schaffer, Taccone, and Samberg. The main producer is expected to be Judd Apatow.  For the role of the executive producer Morgan Sackett is appointed. The release studio is the famous Universal Pictures, the company which releases hits from year to year. So, the amusement that the viewers will be receiving during and after the watching of the music-based comedy can be guaranteed in advance.

The plot summary

Top Secret Untitled Lonely Island Movie Cast
The story of the film will be concentrated on the rapper, the principal character depicted by Andrew Samberg. After releasing several hit albums the rapper doesn’t become as popular as it might be expected and that’s why he makes up his mind to gather their former band with his friends (performed by Schaffer and Taccone).
The manager of the singer is starred by Tim Meadows. It would be a great mistake not to mention that Sarah Silverman is also participating in the filming. This means that the viewers can also hope for the classic songs such as “Diaper Moner” please their ears.

The release of a cool comedy from the Lonely Island

According to the official information the untitled comedy which is, however, mentioned under the Conner4real title is going to amuse us in the summer of 2016.  The exact Top Secret Untitled Lonely Island Movie release date is considered to be June 3. So it is only three month before the premiere of the movie penetrates the cinemas throughout the world.

Lonely Island Filming Music Documentary Spoof

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