The War with Grandpa (2017)

Films with the participation of various Hollywood stars, especially of such magnitude as Robert De Niro, are always awaited with great impatience. That’s an upcoming family comedy The War with Grandpa, an American project, which will soon be released in cinemas, and is of interest to the public. A comic story will be told in this film – the so-called opposition between the grandson and grandfather fighting for the coveted room in the house. This movie will be released just in this year, and the authors have already submitted an official release date: the debut is scheduled for October 20, 2017. If the picture will be as interesting to both adults and children, it will be known pretty soon, as there is not too much time to wait.

Production Info

The War with Grandpa (2017) Cast
The person who borrowed the idea of Robert Kimmel Smith’s novel and developed it into a film is Tim Hill, a comic director. The crew of scriptwriter helped him in writing this story adapted for TV and included such people as:

  • Tom J. Astle;
  • Matt Ember;
  • Joe Syracuse;
  • Lisa Addario.

Besides them, the movie is also developed by professional producers presenting all the news in mass media and responsible for the project promoting. Among them are worth noting the following ones:

  • Tre Peart;
  • Jane Rosenthal;
  • Berry Welsh;
  • Phillip Glasser;
  • Bryant Pike;
  • Rosa Morris Peart;
  • Marvin Peart.

The War with Grandpa is distributed by Dimension Films, the world famous company.

About the Movie

A famous confrontation between the fathers and the children is back to the screen. Only in this case the protagonists are the grandfather and grandson. The boy refuses to share a room with his elderly relative and grandfather in his turn does not want to give up a great place. Viewers will see an exciting and funny fight, where, of course, will be much comical scenes and awkward situations.
The cast of the film contains such vivid personalities as:

  • Robert De Niro (as Ed);
  • Christopher Walken (he presents Jerry);
  • Laura Marano (her character is Mia);
  • Eugene Levy (he plays the role of Danny);
  • Juliocesar Chavez (as Billy) and a few others.

Premiere Date and Viewers’ Interest

According to the data given by the authors the movie is to be released only on October 20, 2017, and the audience is worrying about possible changes in the schedule. Despite this a huge number of viewers believe that The War with Grandpa will air on time, so stay tuned to make sure in this and not to forget about the date of premiere as there is enough time until the picture debuts.


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