The Wall (2017)

Films about the war, as a rule, cover topics of earlier conflicts – The Second World War, the Vietnam campaign, etc. But in an upcoming American film The Wall will be discussed Iraq, the events of which took place not very long ago. In this picture will be shown a gripping story of two soldiers on opposing sides, and their opposition will definitely impress the audience. At the moment, it’s already known an exact date of release of this anticipated film: the authors are planning to present the movie on March 10, 2017. It is hoped that this date will not change, and the creators of the movie will not postpone the premiere for later terms.

Creators and Producers

This ling-awaited cinema is directed by Doug Liman, an American filmmaker and producer. He has been working in cooperation with one more professional, Dwain Worrell, a scriptwriter and developer of the plot.
The producers responsible for the promoting of the movie and working with the public and mass media for them to get more information about The Wall are such people as:

  • David Bartis;
  • Ray Angelic;
  • Alison Winter.

The running time of the cinema is going to be 81 minutes.
A few companies producing the picture are Big Indie Pictures, Picrow and T Series. The distributor of The Wall is Roadside Attractions, a company form the US.

About the Film

The Wall (2017) Spoiler
The events take place during the war in Iraq. An American soldier falls into a trap and, being behind a piece of a concrete wall, is in the sights of an enemy sniper. All that remains is to a caught fighter – it is to keep in touch with the enemy on their radio frequency. And the soldiers themselves and the audience understand that at the end of the confrontation only one of them will be alive. This adds poignancy to the film, and an intense plot clearly will not give the audience to relax ahead of time. Perhaps this film will become one of the most interesting pictures of western war cinemas in 2017.
The cast of an upcoming story consists of such talented and vivid actors as:

  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson;
  • Laith Nakli;
  • John Cena.

Soon Premiere and Possible Reviews

The public around the world is waiting for March 10, 2017, as this is an official air date of The Wall. The rating of Expectations is very high, and after the release the movie will likely gain a lot of positive feedbacks. Stay tuned to check this, not to forget about an upcoming premiere and to keep up all the possible changes in the schedule of in the plot of the cinema.


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