The Solutrean

Rarely one can find historical films, which do not tell about the Middle Ages, and not even just about the times before Christ. The picture The Solutrean will present events much earlier, taking place on the territory of the Earth about 20,000 years ago during the Ice Age. This film format is a rarity today, and the audience is already looking forward to an upcoming movie and making predictions about how the creators will be able to show life at that time. Moreover, the public already knows an exact release date of the picture: The Solutrean is going to be released on September 15, 2017. Thus, there is enough time till the premiere, so everything which is remained is just waiting for the movie and hoping that it will not fail everybody’s expectations.

Production Info

The director of the movie is Albert Hughes, a talented American filmmaker and producer, who has created and developed The Solutrean. The script of the cinema is written by Hughes in tandem with another professional writer Dan Wiedenhaupt. For the film to be popular among viewers and to be recognized in mass media, the producers are doing their best to promote the story. Among these people are woth noting such as:

  • Mark Bakshi;
  • Andrew Rona;
  • Kim Locasio;
  • Robin Le Chanu;
  • Jon Silk;
  • Stuart M. Besser.

The Solutrean date release

The main distributor of The Solutrean is Columbia Pictures, the company popular around the world. This is it which has recently announced the date of the release of the movie.

Plot Peculiarities

As it’s known to all, in order to early human manage to survive, he had to be very hard to hunt. The story of an upcoming film takes place 20, 000 years ago, when on earth was the last Ice Age. One group of people goes hunting, but in connection with some troubles one man breaks away from the rest of the people. Now he has to get home on his own in a world full of danger, where every living creature is ready to eat it him. He needs to seek shelter, find food and do so many things thatare difficult for one person to do. This story will definitely be interesting to the public, and the project will appear on the screens of the world soon.
The Solutrean

The cast of the movie requires special attention as to select actors for such a non standard picture was definitely not easy. These people are:

  • Kodi Smith-McPhee, acting as the main character;
  • Leonor Varela, whose character is Shaman;
  • Jens Hultén’s character is Xi;
  • Mercedes de la Zerda’s character is Nu;
  • Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson, whose character is Tau;
  • Spencer Bogaert, presenting Kappa;
  • Natassia Malthe, acting as Rho, and some others.

The Solutrean

Possible Success and Soon Release

If the cinema is as gripping as its authors promise, the story will certainly gain much popularity and the rating of the future film is supposed to be high. The date of the debut is scheduled for September 15, 2017, so stay tuned not to forget about the premiere and make sure that The Solutrean will not fail everyone’s expectations.

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