The Lake (2017)

A French action thriller produced by… Guess who? Luc Besson of course! The director of the project is Steven Quale. Luc Besson is not only the producer, but also the creator of the script. The Lake’s action revolves around a group of Navy SEALs that unpredictably find a great treasure. It’s hidden deep under the dark waters of a Bosnian lake.

The Leading Actor

Luc Besson created a brave action hero out of Liam Neeson. We loved him this way, however, no one could ever imagine that before. Now it looks like he’s going to do the same with J.K. Simmons in one of the upcoming French projects called The Lake. Of course, this time the film isn’t directed by Luc Besson, though the screenplay is fully carried out by him. J. K. Simmons is an actor with multiple awards and nominations. He has also became a part of the cast of one of the Besson’s projects called 300: Rise of an Empire.
The Lake (2017) Poster

Some Facts

  • The Lake was partially filmed on a lake in Croatia, in Lokve.
  • Was partially filmed in Malta.


On the 30th of September 2014, there was an official announcement about EuropaCorp inviting Steven Quale to act as a director for another thriller about the Navy SEALs’ called The Lake. Luc Besson is responsible for the script together with Richard Wenk. On the 2nd of March 2015, Sullivan Stapleton was invited to become the leading character in the film. J. K. Simmons, Charlie Bewley and Diarmaid Murtagh joined cast together with the other actors.
Filming and photography started on the 30th of April 2015. The film was funded €5 million, from DFFF and €275.000 form FFF Bayern.

Official Release Date for The Lake Movie

In the beginning of spring 2015, EuropaCorp decided to release the film on the 115th of July 2016. However, in February of 2016 the date was moved to the 20th of January 2017. In May of 2016, the release date was shifted again. Now the official release is planned for the 27th of January 2017.


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