The Finest Hours Release Date

The Finest Hours release date

The Finest Hours release date was announced. The details are disclosed below.

Find out the facts about The Finest Hours premiere with Chris Pine and other famous actors.
The Plot:
On February 18, 1952, on the coast of New England the strongest hurricane hit, flood the city all along the east coast and destroyed the ship, caught in the open sea. The tanker "Pendleton", bound for Boston, was literally torn in two and thirty-two sailors found them trapped on a sinking ship. Senior Assistant Engineer Ray Seibert took over the management of his comrades scared to death and urged them to begin to work together to move the impact of elements and get to shore alive.

The Finest Hours release date was announced

Meanwhile, reports of the crash of a tanker arrived on the US Coast Guard station in Chatham, Massachusetts. Officer Daniel Cluff decided to start a risky rescue operation team, Pendleton. Four rescuers led by Captain Bernie Weber on a wooden boat with a weak engine and almost no means of navigation will have to repel the giant waves and gale-force winds to rescue sailors in distress.

The Finest Hours release date was scheduled January 21, 2016.
The Finest Hours release date on Bluray and DVD must be expected at the end of February.
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