The Coldest City

What is the success of the quality of a film? Of course, a highly professional team of authors and talented cast are inherent attributes of success, but not less important role is given to a plot. If the story of the film is interesting and exciting, the movie will definitely be popular among viewers. Probably, the same will happen with an upcoming picture The Coldest City, a US film about the post-war events and spy games during the Cold War. This entertaining and definitely worth watching it film will be presented to the world on July 28, 2017. A new project is likely to reveal a number of interesting facts about that period of time and be able to convey the tense post-war atmosphere.

Authors and Developers

The director of The Coldest City is David Leitch, a very interesting person working as a producer, writer and stuntman. He borrowed the idea of Antony Johnston’s story and used it as a basis of his film. Moreover, in process of making the movie Leitch is also helped by Kurt Johnstad, a screenwriter.
The Coldest City date release

The cinema is promoted by professional producers and among them are worth noting the following ones:

  • Eric Gitter;
  • Kelly McCormick;
  • Peter Schwerin;
  • Beth Kono;
  • A.J. Dix;
  • Ildiko Kemeny;
  • David Minkowski;
  • Charlize Theron, who is also the main actress in the movie.

The Coldest City

The studio which has announced the release date of The Coldest City and which is the distributor of the film is Focus Features.

Plot Review and Cast

A high-class spy Lorraine Broughton, working for American intelligence service, is sent to Berlin to learn under the guise of the circumstances of death of a western colleague working in a German capital. There she meets David Percival, a local worker, and together they create a very successful union. In the process of investigating the man and woman know something that could jeopardize the entire western operation and break the plans of intelligence services. This spy thriller is areal treat for lovers of dynamic and quality cinema, able to engage involve a viewer in its story and to make him forget about everything.
The Coldest City

The actors performing the cast of The Coldest City are such as:

  • Charlize Theron in the role of Lorraine Broughton;
  • James McAvoy, presenting David Percival;
  • Eddie Marsan, whose character is Spyglass;
  • Toby Jones, playing the role of Gray;
  • John Goodman and others.

Known Air Date and Viewers’ Expectations

Focus Features has recently mentioned that the movie will be presented on July 28, 2017. Initially its premiere was scheduled for August, but later the date was shifted, which is, of course, a real pleasure for those who are waiting for the release of The Coldest City. There are many such viewers, and the film will definitely gain huge popularity. Stay tuned not to miss the debut and know all the details of the cinema.

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