The Chance of Matrix 4

The Matrix trilogy has gathered millions of fans around the world. The popularity of the first chapter has immediately turned the film into a symbol of the inter-millennial period. Admirers of the Wachowski’s masterpiece are wondering whether there will be more Matrix movies or not. There are different rumors regarding the film franchise. Let us look at them.
The Chance of Matrix 4 Release

The success of The Matrix franchise

When one millennium was rapidly flowing into the other one, two siblings got inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Jean Baudrillard’s philosophy of postmodernism, and Plato’s fable about the cave. The result was a dystopian sci-fi action drama titled The Matrix. The film busted the blocks and caused a serious aftermath — it has collected $463.5 million worldwide, while its initial budget was (only) $63 million. The two sequels followed four years later, in 2003. The Matrix Reloaded grossed $720 million worldwide, and The Matrix Revolutions $427 million; they were filmed for $150 million each.
The Chance of Matrix 4 Release

Rumors on The Matrix 4

In 2012, people started talking that The Matrix might be, in fact, not a trilogy, but tetralogy. There were rumors that the Wachowskis are going to shoot the fourth part. Even the leading actor Keanu Reeves confirmed that there was a high chance that the movie would be released in 2015. Its title would be The Matrix Resurrection, as it would have featured the comeback of Agent Smith. Instead, the Wachowskis released their Jupiter Ascending in 2015.
The Chance of Matrix 4 Release
It is yet unknown whether the director duo will continue working on The Matrix franchise. It was once a huge success, but it seems that everything has been already said in the first three films. Still, who knows, maybe time comes when we would learn about The Matrix 4 release date.
What do you think, is there a need for another The Matrix?

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