Sinister Six Release Date

Sinister Six release date

Sinister Six release date was announced by Sony Pictures. Let’s get the details of the upcoming movie about super-villains.

Sony Pictures decided to expand the universe of Spiderman and a press release talked about plans for the filming of a new movie called “Sinister Six” – a team of villains, which will start in the new franchise.
In fact, the transfer of the release date of "Amazing Spider-Man" 3 for 2018 was a tactical decision, surpassing the third part gives way to the new movie plot intertwined with the world of Spiderman in the cinematic universe of Marvel.
There are planned several movies about villains among them is a spin-off about Venom. Black Cat or Catwoman from DC comics, as well as the Spider Woman, can also become the hero of the upcoming super- movie made by Sony Pictures.

Sinister Six release date was announced

And about the same "Venom" is also not clear whether it will be a member of "ominous Six", of which likely will include Dr. octopus, Craven, and Vulture, or it will appear only in a single film, where he will serve as not only villain, but in the role of anti-hero, for example.
Sinister Six movie release date was confirmed for November 11, 2016.
DVD release date of Sinister Six is scheduled for winter of 2016-2017.

Sinister Six release date on Bluray is planned for winter of 2016-2017.
Will you watch for new Marvel movies about super-villains?

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