Rush Hour 4

Everyone loves Jackie Chan, especially when partnered with Chris Tucker in the Rush Hour franchise. No new movies came out since 2007, the year we saw Rush Hour 3. Right now, it’s time for the creators to think about continuing their film series. According to the rumors, Rush Hour 4 will be out very soon.
Rush Hour 4

What we do know of Rush Hour 4 release

Indeed, the two police detectives played by Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan might be back to the screens with the alleged release of Rush Hour 4. Producer Brett Ratner along with Jeff Nathanson, the writer, have been thinking about another sequel since 2009. On the 13th February 2014, they confirmed that they are going to make the film.
Arthur Sarkissian, the long-time producer of the series, criticized the approach in the third chapter. He said it lacked originality in the plot and character storylines. He believes that Academy Award-winning Octavia Spencer of The Help should be playing in the movie to boost its popularity.
Rush Hour 4

Jackie Chan on the upcoming film

Jackie Chan confessed he is interested in the project. However, he does not want it to be trivial. He is currently waiting for the script to be finished. Before he signs any contract, he needs to approve the text, and only then can we be confident that the fourth part will be released. After all, there could be no Rush Hour without Chan. Right now, not much is known about the script, but it is rumored that the events will take place in Moscow.
Rush Hour 4
Let us remind you that the original Rush Hour film was out in theaters in 1998. Its box office reached $244 million at the time, which was a lot. The second and the third films were released in 2001 and 2007, respectively. The two of them collected $600 million.

Rush Hour 4 officially confirmed

This June, Jackie Chan officially confirmed the release of Rush Hour 4, which means he finds the script acceptable. Considering the standard time frame filmmakers need to shoot all the scenes and produce a movie, the fourth Rush Hour will come out no sooner than 2016. Keep updated by checking out this page from time to time, or subscribe to us in any convenient way.
Are you looking forward to the new adventures of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in Rush Hour 4?

Update: Rush Hour 4 Status

Although the release date has not been yet announced, there are signs the release date is gradually approaching. Producers begin to talk about a possible release of the fourth part, and not as they would talk about mere fiction.
Of course, the support of Jackie Chan is what pushes this whole thing through. We should hope he will not grow disinterested, as the project depends on him in its entirety.
We only have to wait for several more month, before the news about the project finally come through.

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