Roma (2017)

Dramas about lives of ordinary people – this is the format which is used by not all cinema authors. After all, it is quite difficult to ensure absolutely the whole audience to appreciate this or that idea and recognize it plausible and worthy. The director should be an expert in psychology and at the same time understand the interests of ordinary citizens, but not elite and Bohemian society. The crew of authors decided to realize such a project and soon is going to release its new product Roma. This story is real and humane, so ordinary viewers are likely to accept this picture and be able to appreciate the director’s idea.

The Crew of Filmmakers

The person who is directing Roma is well-known and respected around the world Alfonso Cuarón, a Mexican director, producer and writer. He is the only author of the film’s script and responsible for its idea.
Roma Movie Promo
Besides Cuarón, the crew of producers is working in the movie for an upcoming premiere to be released in time and the viewers to know all the details of the future cinema. These people are:

  • Nicolas Celis;
  • Jonathan King;
  • Gabriela Rodriguez;
  • Jeff Skoll;
  • David Linde.

Roma is produced by two companies: Esperanto Filmoj and Participant Media. The language of the film is Spanish.

Brief Review

The life of an average family may seem to someone not a very good idea for the filming story, but, knowing that such a master as Alfonso Cuarón is able to turn into a masterpiece any creative idea, the picture is of interest to the public. The main characters of the film are residents of the Mexican capital Mexico City, and the action itself takes place in the early 1970s. Throughout the picture is shown a one-year life of the family with its joys, shortcomings, problems and experiences. If the project really justifies expectations of the audience, the picture is likely to become one of the most important in the Mexican film industry for the past many years.
The cast of an upcoming movie the following actors:

  • Marco Graf;
  • Daniela Demesa;
  • Marina de Tavira;
  • Yalitza Aparicio.

Prospects and Viewers’ Interest

Nobody still knows when Roma is going to be released on the world’s screens. The authors haven’t presented any official news regarding the date of premiere, but according to viewers’ expectations the film will definitely air this year, otherwise the public will be very be dissatisfied. Stay tuned to receive the data about soon premiere and be aware of all the details and news coming from the authors.


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