Rings 2017

From the director named F. Javier Gutiérrez, Rings serves as a new horror and thriller drama with the budget constituting $33 000 000. The expectations from the flick are high but what we will get as a result in theaters remains to be expected.
The acting cast includes such performers as:

  • Johny Galecki,
  • Laura Wiggins,
  • Vincent D’Onofrio,
  • Alex Roe,
  • Bonnie Morgan and many others.

Rings 2017 Promo
The director of this thriller is going to be F. Javier Gutiérrez, as we have mentioned, while the team of scriptwriters is composed of Jacob Estes, Akiva Goldman, and some others. The companies from which the story hails are Macari/Edelstein, Vertigo Entertainment, Waddieish Claretrap, and some others. The distributing part is going to be accomplished by Paramount Pictures, Andes Films, Cocinsa, and Sony Pictures Releasing.


The story promises to be quite capturing for following as it revolves around a woman who sacrifices herself in order to save her boyfriend from death. Once gets and watch the videotape that should not be viewed by anyone. This mysterious video promises that a watcher of it will be killed in seven days.
Sacrificing herself, this woman finds out that there is a video within the video that no one has watched before. So the threat takes  more hazardous shape. Who has shot this video? How will the woman manage to get rid of this terrifying curse? What this will lead to? In any case, there is a reason to say that we should be prepared for the unexpected ending and a certain portion of horror inserted in the story.
Rings 2017 Spoiler

Scheduled to Premiere in 2017

According to the official data, we are destined to enjoy a new horror movie just this winter. Rings release date is determined as for February 2, 2017. The theaters in the whole world will start showing the new story that is supposed to . Less than two months are left before the release when we will get the first impressions from the film. Whether they will be positive is another question. So far, let’s keep on following news regarding this coming-soon project and wait for the debut, as something more should be revealed before the release.
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