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Legend of the first African-American superhero The Black Panther who is depicted in the comics published by Marvel will have a movie that was in development during 5 years. Just recently, the creators of Marvel Cinematic Universe announced the official date of the production’s process.


The Black Panther was invented back in the mid 1960s. His name is T’Challa – he comes from a dynasty of kings, from the imaginary kingdom Wakanda in Africa. T’Challa is smartest character in MCU. Wakanda is a state with the most advanced technical process, due to the fact that next to this country there fell asteroid composed entirely of Vibranium – the strongest of metals, from which made the shield of Captain America.

T’Challa’s father dies and sits on the throne of the young king; in every way he is trying to protect the country from invaders. T’Challa owned technique was a fight, was the storm of villains and bandits. Eventually his fame gave him the opportunity to fight along with the Avengers and marry the beautiful Aurora Monroe aka Storm.


The rights to the movie The Black Panther were transferred from studio to studio, from 1992. In 1994, there was speculation that the protagonist will be played by Wesley Snipes, then right to the shooting belonged to Columbia Pictures, joined in the work of the Marvel’s creator Stan Lee, studying the script, he was dissatisfied with the decorations and the project was delayed for many years.

In the 2000s the rights were given to Artisan Entertainment, but the guys from the company believed that Snipes is associated only as vampire slayer, and his was not good enough for this role.

The desire to make a movie after this comic book about the Black Panther Wesley at the first time appeared in 1992. Already in August, the actor began to work on the project and in January of 1994, Snipes began negotiating with Columbia Pictures about his part as The Black Panther.


However, the work was delayed again, and in early 1996, Stan Lee said he is strongly dissatisfied with the plot. As years passed, the writers have changed and in 2008 the rights were given from Artisan Entertainment to Marvel again. Only since 2008 they have begun to work on the plot and casting. Recently it became known that an American actor, screenwriter and playwright Chadwick Boseman will play the main role of the Black Panther in the upcoming movie.

The Black Panther movie release date will happen in November 3, 2017.

Do you like Black Panther comics? Will you wait for this movie?

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Chadwick Boseman To Play Black Panther For Marvel

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